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Advertise 1 Used Printing Machinery till sold.
Your machine will be added 2 weeks in our Newsletter and 1 month as VIP Offer and Recommended Used Printing Machinery.
This will give maximal exposure to your machine and the possibility to be sold is very High. Create your Used Printing Machinery ad (with up to 16 photos) and 5 videos.

Advertise up to 3-10-20-40-60-150 machine.
Your Used Printing Machinery will be added in Search queries and in your Individual sales list.
In Admin Panel you can add each Used Printing Machinery as VIP Offer or in our Newsletter.
Create your machine ad (with up to 16 photos) and 5 videos.
For each subscribed month you will receive x 2 free add in our Newsletter if you subscribe for 1 year plan for up to 150 Used Printing Machinery.

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