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You'll be amazed at what you could do with a few clicks. No programming or web design skills needed. Create and publish your Machines in minutes in your own web-site and in Pressdepo.com.

We offer also integrated with Pressdepo.com System for Printing Machines Dealers.


If you are Dealer you can build your own Web-site connected with Pressdepo.com. 
PressDepo – Online Software for Printing Machines Dealers.

-Easy Machines upload with photos and video
-Personal content management system 
-Powerful search engine
-Responsive design suitable for Mobile phones, Ipad, Laptop
-Site statts and google anlitycs
-Search engines friendly code
-Newsletter, proforma and pack list issues
-Newsletter signup and Personnal mailing
-Direct publishing option to WebPortal- www.pressdepo.com
-Sharing of your machines with other dealers


You can test now LIVE:


Access to admin: https://www.pressdepo.com/admin/

Ask us for username and password at sales@pressdepo.com

Machines Posted IN YOUR WEB-SITE will appears auto in www.pressdepo.com 

Some samples:

http://www.osgraphic.com - http://allgraphic.eu/ - http://www.elektrospeed.biz - http://www.press-tigesales.co.uk/  - http://www.rivergraphics.co.uk/ - http://www.reiser-gm.com/


Complete solution for your business online:

Price: EURO 899.- (paid once a time) incl. 3 months free machines posts in www.pressdepo.com

More information: sales@pressdepo.com



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