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Tips for Creating a More Effective Machine Ad

  1. Regularly Update Your Listing: Always keep your list current by promptly removing sold machines and adding new offerings.

  2. Respond Promptly to Enquiries: Quick responses to enquiries show you're serious about selling. This builds trust with potential buyers, as purchasing a machine is a significant investment.

  3. Quality Photos of Your Machine: Capture your machine in good lighting to highlight key features. Use photo editing software to enhance images if necessary. Ensure each machine has at least one image. Ideal photos should:

    • Be clear and show the entire machine.
    • Have a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.
    • Be in a Landscape format.
    • Showcase all sides of the machine and its details.
    • Depict the machine in real-world situations.

    Note: Our online photo processing will resize your photos to 800 x 600 pixels for website display. Use .jpg or .png format with a file size of around 200kb for optimal quality and upload speed.

  4. Add Videos: If possible, include a video of the machine. Videos can significantly enhance the selling appeal.

  5. Effective Machine Description: Provide a comprehensive overview in the description box. Including the price is crucial as many online buyers skip over listings without prices.

  6. Accurate Contact Information: Ensure your contact details are correct. You can edit these details in the 'Admin > Company Settings' section. Make it easy for potential buyers to reach out to you.

  7. Promote in Our Weekly Newsletter: Featuring your machine in our newsletter can increase visibility and interest. Our newsletter reaches a global audience of dealers and printers, which might include your perfect buyer.

By following these tips, you can create a more attractive and effective ad for your machine, potentially leading to quicker sales and better value for your advertising efforts.

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