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Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT | 2009 in vendita

Pic 1 Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT
Image1 Pic1 Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT
Image2 Pic2 Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT
Image3 Pic3 Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT
Image4 Pic4 Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT
Image5 Pic5 Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT
Image6 Pic6 Agfa Avalon N8-50-XT
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CTP Computer Lastra macchina
PD Ref: 89083 | Last updated: 30-06-2021
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Anno: 2009
Max.formato: 116 x 94 cm (45 x 37 inch)
Stato attuale: In production
Dealer Ref.No: D6759

CtP AGFA Avalon N8-50-XT, Year 09/2009
8-up Full automated Thermal CtP
Counter: circa 354 000 Plates - Exposure time: 6410 Hours

Technical Description :
. Light source: GLV head with 512 beams and 830 nm
. Plate size: (Max 1160 x 940 mm) (Mini 450 x 370 mm)
. Speed: 42 plates per hour
. Resolution: 2400 dpi
. Plate thickness: 0,15 - 0,30 mm

Equipped with :
. Multiloader Screen MA-L8800II with 3 cassettes with 100 plates each (capacity 5 cassettes)
. Platesetter Avalon N8-50-XT
. Blower Unit Screen BU-880
. Orian Water Chiller (2012)
. Air Filter Unit Screen AF-180
. Bridge Conveyor (L-Right) Screen AT-M8001
. Screen EP-B101 Network InterfaceBox 1-Bit-Tiff Netwwork Shooter over IP-address
. RIP not included
. Possible : Processor Kodak 125 HDX (2012), Stacker Kodak 1250

Thermal CtP is Complete and in Excellent running order (Agfa report on request)
Under Agfa maintenance contract:
GLV Laser Head (replace in 10/2013), Panel and Clamps (replaced in 12/2020)
Checked, tested, dismantled, secured by Agfa Engineers and packed on pallets
Europe Western
Stato attuale:
In production
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