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Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F | 2010 in vendita

Pic 1 Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F
Image1 Pic1 Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F
Image1 Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F
Image2 Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F
Image3 Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F
Image4 Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F
Image5 Heidelberg XL 75-6 LX-3F

Macchine da stampa et Impianti Usati:
Offset stampa macchina

PD Ref: 83070 | Last updated: 17-07-2020
Viewed: 1886 times
Enquiry's: 102

Anno: 2010
Max.formato: 75 x 60 cm (29 x 23 inch)
Stato attuale: In production
Colori: 6
Impress.Cont: 80 mio
Dealer Ref.No:

HEIDELBERG XL75-6 LX-3F,2010 ( 750x605mm) "F" SIZE.

-Only 80 mio impression.

-Instant gate between prepress and printingmachine for following functions:
- Inkprofiles from prepress
- Inkprofiles from another Speedmaster printing machines
- Plate on demand automatic plate from PressCenter ( Only to HBG Rip )
-HOST Interface
-Interface for Pressroom Manager
-Working information from the Printingmachine
- Exented cables to computersystenm PressCenter
-PalletPlate for Feeder
-2 UV Interdectdryer CA Nopen,water cooled,200 W/cm
-Stepless Lamp Control ( SLC ) Quick Change of lamps ( FLC ), URS reflectors.
- 6 Automac impression Wash for UV-Ink.
-6 Preparing for Interdeck Dryer for Using in all Printing Units.
- 6 Basic equipment UV, Printing Units.
-6 Automatic Blanket wach for standard /Combination UV-Ink
- 6 standard/Combination UV Dampening form Rollers. one per printing unit
-COMBISTAR Canopen Combination, Ink and dampening control,water cooled with Alckoholmeter and activitets control.
- 6 Rollerpackage with Combination roller for conventional and UV INK
- 6 WASH-UP & Go System for simple Ink color box cleaning.
- DRYSTAR Combination UV,CA Nopen End Dryer,for UV and conventional INK, and Laquer,Water Cooled.2v IR/HOT Air Casette. 1 UV Casette
with 3 radiators 200W/cm.Stepless Lamp control,URS-reflectors and FLC ,Quick change of Lamps.chilled sheet Guide guide plate.
Exented Delivery X3 240 cm.
-PowderStar AP 262 powderspray CANopen
-UV Prepared Delivery with encapulated Cover and utaug.
-Delivery for pallets.
-AXISCONTROL ,Quality how measure Strip,spectrally integrated in PressCenter.
-Chambered Doctor Blade in COATINGUNIT.
-Extra Chambered for seperate using of UV Coating
1 Anilox roller (120 lines ) 1 Extra anilox roller.
2 Coating pumps with kapacitet 550 liters for one Water coating one for UV Coating.
- Antistate equipment SPECIAL KIT for printing in PLAST and FOLIE for Feeder and Delivery.
-AIRSTAR compressor with low energi technologi Water Cooled.
- Oil Plate under the total Printing machine
- 6 ink Mixer for UV-INK
- INSTANTSTART shorterning waitingtime at using of UV- DRYER
-TECHNOTRANS BETA F Watercleaning System
-Transport Packing on Pallet
- Possible to add one INTERDECK Dryer ( Prepared in Cabinett )transportpacking
4 INKSTAR with ASITATOR unit 1 – 4

Delivery : Nov. 2020
Europe Central
Stato attuale:
In production
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