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MAN Uniset 70 (578) | 2002 in vendita

Pic 1 MAN Uniset 70 (578)
Image1 Pic1 MAN Uniset 70 (578)
Image2 Pic2 MAN Uniset 70 (578)
Image3 Pic3 MAN Uniset 70 (578)
Image4 Pic4 MAN Uniset 70 (578)
Image5 Pic5 MAN Uniset 70 (578)
Image6 Pic6 MAN Uniset 70 (578)
Macchine da stampa et Impianti Usati:
Heatset macchina
PD Ref: 74390 | Last updated: 23-09-2019
Viewed: 365 times
Enquiry's: 2
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Anno: 2002
Max.formato: 115 x 115 cm (45 x 45 inch)
Stato attuale: Under power
Dealer Ref.No: 333387

Cut-off: 578 mm
Max. web width: 1156 mm
pages: 24
Groupes: 3 towers coldset 1 tower heatset
Folder: 2 folders for A2 and A3 formats (1 with sewing unit)
Dryer: Megtec gas dryer
Reel Splicer: 5
Folder(s): 2 (A A3)
Printing unit(s): 3 1
Shaftless press <> Technotrans ink supply <> 5 web unwinders <> One folder is equipped with sewing module <> SILICON applicator
5 reel stands
3 towers coldset 1 tower heatset
1x ICP 1350 paper web tensioner (for heatset)
1x thermal dryer Megtec DualDry TNV 91 gas dryer for one web, with 3 heating areas, connected to remote control with Interbus Ethernet
1x module of cooling cylinders with 5 cylinders
Erhard & Leimer - device for adjusting the movement of the paper web
Silicone applicator WEKO
1x Graficontrol CR20 automatic ink combination adjustment, incl. cut length adjustment CR 19-TP
2x Central cooling cabinet Baldwin CCS 120 water-cooling
Technotrans ink supply system
2 folders for A2 and A3 formats
Folder is equipped with sewing module
Europe Eastern
Stato attuale:
Under power
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