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Bielloni Axsa 6 | 2003 a vendre

Pic 1 Bielloni Axsa 6
Image1 Pic1 Bielloni Axsa 6
Image2 Pic2 Bielloni Axsa 6
Image3 Pic3 Bielloni Axsa 6
Image4 Pic4 Bielloni Axsa 6
Image5 Pic5 Bielloni Axsa 6
Image6 Pic6 Bielloni Axsa 6
Мachines d'imprimerie d'Оccasion:
Flexo Bobine-Bobine machine
PD Ref: 77490 | dernière actualisation: 19-01-2020
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Age: 2003
Dim.maxi: 127 x 110 cm (49 x 43 inch)
Etat: In production
Dealer Ref.No: 3

Flexo printing machine AXSA 6

manufacture Bielloni Castello – Italy
manufacture year 2003
model AXSA 6
number UZ 5052/02

central drum Yes
central drum TIR (better than) 0,010 mm
number of printing decks 6
screws to station shifting high precision ball bearings
groups locking pneumatic
printing width 1220 mm
maximum web width 1270 mm
printing repeat length 340 - 1100 mm
gear pitch 10 mm
mechanical speed 200 m/min

anilox cylinder ceramic laser engraved
anilox cylinder diameter 149,400 mm
standard inking with chambered doctor blade 6
number ink pneumatic pumps 6
inks type solvent , water
cliché thickness photopolymer 1,14-2,84mm adhesive tape
horizontal register motorised on all colours
horizontal register range /- 10 mm
longitudinal register motorised on all colours
longitudinal register range /- 10 mm

drying system electrical
reels diameter unwinder 1200 mm
reels diameter winder 1200 mm
cores diameter 6" , 3"
video camera to control the printing BST
automatic edge-guide before printing FIFA
automatic edge-guide before winding FIFA

Total installed power 205 kW
Absorbed electrical power 140 kW
Compressed air
*feeding pressure 6 bar
*consumed quantity 130 Nm3/h
Cooling water
*feeding pressure 2 bar
*max.consumed quantity 3300 l/h
Inlet air quantity 10 000 Nm3/h
Exhausted air quantity 12 000 Nm3/h
Localisé à:
Europe Eastern
In production
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