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KBA Rapida 105-5 L ALV2 CX | 2007 a vendre

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Offset à Feuille machine

PD Ref: 76795 | dernière actualisation: 27-02-2020
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Enquiry's: 42
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Age: 2007
Dim.maxi: 105 x 74 cm (41 x 29 inch)
Etat: In production
Couleurs: 5
Tirage: 140 mio
Extras: | Autoplate | Ink Remote Control | Coater | Autosize | Dryer
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machine  Auto-Notify service

Year: 2007
ca.140 mio
Professional comad
coater tower with Tresu chamber doctor blade system after the 5th printing unit, including cleaning and paint supply device.
Kamera squeegee of reserve
backup screened roller
suction and blowing air in the extended outlet
IR Dry hot air, Varidry in extended delivery
CX Version (Board Equipment 1,2 mm)
extended 2.4 m exit
Delta Drive for dampening group
FAPC Automatic plate change
diagonal register
adjustment of the format at a distance from the pulpit
adjustment of the side edges of the stack in feeder
Technotrans combined refrigeration appliance for inking and bathing units including installation and signaling
ink unit temperature control
Non-Stop in feeder, manual.
Non-Stop in delivery.
Kersten antistatic in feeder and injection, high efficiency version
Elettra blanket / roller washer device
Elettra printing cylinder cleaning device
Kasper winder stand, including wash cloth and 3 spare posts
phase and oblique sheet adjustment control
Weko mod. AP 262, Ionojet, with inclusion in the command
1 set of spare inking rollers, with normal rubber coating
1 set of reserve wetting rollers, with bivalent rubber
pneumatic folding plate
pneumatic punching machine for printing plates and paint
deposit sheets at the feeder
ultrasonic double sheet control
capacitive double sheet control
intercom system
ACR (self-register)
ACS (Air Cleaning System)
Cip Link online
package for printing with hybrid inks consisting of:
double circulation circuit for the coater tower and UV inks
Varidry UV final oven
2x Varidry UV intermediate drying ovens.
3x print unit settings for the UV intermediate oven
electrical cabinet for the universal intermediate oven UV exchange
Wash & Print
double UV washing circuit
machine preparation for UV
preparation of the UV coating tower
Tresu UV varnish heating device
Localisé à: Europe Central
Etat: In production
Disponible: Immediately
Prix: Register regtosee
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Picture1 KBA Rapida 105-5   L ALV2 CX
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