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MBO M60 | 2014 a vendre

Pic 1 MBO M60
Image1 Pic1 MBO M60
Image2 Pic2 MBO M60
Image3 Pic3 MBO M60
Image4 Pic4 MBO M60
Image5 Pic5 MBO M60
Image6 Pic6 MBO M60
Мachines d'imprimerie d'Оccasion:
Plieuse machine
PD Ref: 57122 | dernière actualisation: 01-03-2018
Viewed: 1608 times
Enquiry's: 9
Latest Enquiry for this machine was from Indonesia.

Age: 2014
Dim.maxi: 84 x 60 cm (33 x 23 inch)
Etat: In production
Dealer Ref.No: 1793
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Important: Folding machine
Machine configuration:

• MBO M60 modular folding system K SKTL
o M1 – control system "Advanced"
o F60 basic configuration

• Pile feeder
o Suction wheel
o Vacustar loading head
o Air pump DVT 3.80, air volume 70-82 m³/h
o Inclined table with conveyor belts - basic configuration (including double-sheet control)
o Bar with the balls

• First folding unit – Parallel fold – 6 pockets
o Virotec folding rollers
o Folding rollers setting - manual
o Knife shaft cassette MKW with simply mounted knife shaft, with rollers driven by the drive belts (only manual setting possible)
o Combi-folding pockets – manual setting (overal: 5 combi-folding pockets and the first pocket with hinged point)
o Modular system of a parallel fold FWI M80, 6 pockets

• Cross fold – KBT60 with pocket
o Virotec folding rollers
o DB40 cross fold with the 3rd fold
o Swinging gripper
o Setting of the folding roller including knife shaft - manual
o Combi-folding pockets – manual setting

• Third fold – DB 40
o Virotec folding rollers
o Holder/gripper
o Setting of the folding rollers – manual setting without knife shaft
o F60 M60 6 pockets – fully covered
o KB60 /KBT60 - fully covered
o DB40 - fully covered

• SBAP 46 ME Delivery Unit
o M1 Control for the delivery


Max. size 60 x 84 cm
Min. size 15 x 25 cm
Min. fold length 6 cm
Speed 30 m/min.
Localisé à: Europe Central
Etat: In production
Disponible: Immediately
Prix: Register regtosee
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Picture1 MBO M60
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