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Heidelberg ST 450 | 2007 Used Machine for sale

Heidelberg ST 450
Heidelberg ST 450 Pic 1
Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Saddle Stitching machine
PD Ref: 91001 | Last update: 18-05-2021
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Age: 2007
Max.Size: 42 x 32 cm (16 x 12 inch)
Current State: In production
Dealer Ref.No: 10108

Technical Description:


Total Hour Count 32,000.
Equipped with:
6 Station track chain with vacuum pumps
4 x DVU 450 vertical 1 x DHU 450 horizontal feeders with tilt-back facility for hand feeding as well as lateral vertical over track adjustment for varying signatures.
Mobile base units allowing positioning on either side of the chain.
CHU 450 Cover folder/feeder with inside/outside scoring
ST 450 Stitching unit with 4 x Hohner 43 heads max. 6 mm
Side caliper and BK Signature width inspector with reject device
HKKU Missing stitch detector for normal loop heads
Control system using a central touch screen digital control for electronic monitoring of feeding and
detection stations, automatic make-ready and ‘cascade’ start-stop function.
Automatic central lubrication system
TR 450 Three knife trimmer with MS central trim attachment for 9mm
SKO Monitoring of trimming for quality control
CHAA compensating stacker delivery
Including accessories manuals.
N.B. In-house compressed air supply required 6 bar .
Untrimmed section size, Max: 480 x 320 mm
Min: 128 x 85 mm
Overlap - Rear : 6 to 25 mm
- Front : 8 to 16 mm
Book size trimmed , Max: 475 x 315 mm
Min: 125 x 80 mm
small format and 3-up formats on request
Book thickness, Max: 12 mm
Trim allowance, Max: 50 mm
Cover folder feeder : 480 x 640 - 128 x 160 mm unfolded
Material : 90 - 300 gsm
Mechanical speed, Max: 14,000 cycles/hour
Europe Western
Current State:
In production
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