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KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA | 2000 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA
Image1 Pic1 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA
Image2 Pic2 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA
Image3 Pic3 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA
Image1 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA
Image2 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA
Image3 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA

Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 89352 | Last updated: 10-03-2021
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Enquiry's: 30
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Age: 2000
Max.Size: 105 x 72 cm (41 x 28 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 4
Impress.Count: 91 mio
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Technical Description:

Important: Straight machine - NO PERFECTOR
KBA RAPIDA 105-4 PWVA age 2000
Sheet-fed offset press - Printing units: 4
Straight machine - NO PERFECTOR
Serial no. 362691
Number of Impressions: 91mio
High pile delivery
Size 720 x 1050 mm
L. 11,30 mt.
P. 4,3 mt.
H. 2,3 mt.
Power Kw 75 circa
Weight 42.000 Kg. circa
Technical features:
Speed 15.000 copie/h
Max paper size 720 x 1050 mm
Min paper size 360 x 520 mm
Thickness 0,06-0,6 mm
Print area 710 x 1030 mm
Plate size 795 x 1050 mm Thickness 0,30 mm
Blancket size 1060 x 860 mm Thickness 1,90 mm
Accessories included:
Fully equipped
Steel plate on feeder and delivery
Suction tape feeder
Preset feeder (autom. paper size setting)
Double sheet detection - electric
Ultrasonic, optical and capacitive double sheet control
Electronic side lays control
Pneumatic sidelay
Antistatic device KERSTEN high-performance for feeder and infeed
Varidamp continuous dampening with refrigeration & re-circulation TECHNOTRANS COMBI
Ink temperature control
Colotronic machine control and diagnosis, Ink axial, circum and diagonal remote control with cassette
PWVA Full automatic Plate Change
Blanket washing device - automatic Elettra
Ink-roller washing device - automatic Elettra
Chromed impression cylinders
Electrical main cabin water cooled
IR/HotAir final dryer Giardina
Powder Spray WEKO AP260
Tools, Documentations
Complete with all standard parts and accessories

Conditions: Good
Warranty: NO damage on cylinders and gears
Availability: June 2021
Visible: in production , test possible
Located: Europe Central
Current State: In production
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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Picture1 KBA Rapida 105-4 PWVA
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