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Komori NL 528 C | 2005 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Komori NL 528 C
Image1 Pic1 Komori NL 528 C
Image2 Pic2 Komori NL 528 C
Image3 Pic3 Komori NL 528 C
Image4 Pic4 Komori NL 528 C
Image5 Pic5 Komori NL 528 C
Image6 Pic6 Komori NL 528 C

Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 82494 | Last updated: 29-06-2020
Viewed: 65 times
Enquiry's: 0

Age: 2005
Max.Size: 74 x 52 cm (29 x 20 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 5
Impress.Count: 0 mio
Extras: | Autoplate | Ink Remote Control | Coater | Autosize | Dryer | CIP
Dealer Ref.No: 6545
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machine  Auto-Notify service
Technical Description:

Max Speed: 15,000 iph
SAPC - Semi Automatic Plate Change
PQC - Off Press Controls
Diagonal Register
AMR Auto Make Ready
KMS - Komori Management System
Komorimatic Dampening
Baldwin Refrigeration Recirculation Unit
IR Dryer
Powder Spray Device
Automatic Wash up Devices
Located: Europe Western
Current State: In production
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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Picture1 Komori NL 528 C
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