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Presstek 52-4 DI | 2007 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Presstek 52-4 DI
Image1 Pic1 Presstek 52-4 DI
Image2 Pic2 Presstek 52-4 DI
Image3 Pic3 Presstek 52-4 DI
Image4 Pic4 Presstek 52-4 DI
Image1 Presstek 52-4 DI
Image2 Presstek 52-4 DI

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Digital offset machine

PD Ref: 72322 | Last updated: 22-10-2019
Viewed: 371 times
Enquiry's: 7
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Age: 2007
Max.Size: 52 x 37 cm (20 x 14 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 4
Impress.Count: 36 mio
Dealer Ref.No:
Technical Description:

Printing Speed:
Max. Printing Speed 10,000 S.P.H. (sheets per hour)
Min. Printing Speed 3,000 S.P.H.
Printing Stock:
Thickness 0.06 mm to 0.5 mm
Max. Sheet size (WxH) 520 mm by 375 mm
Min. Sheet size (WxH) 257 mm by 182 mm
Max Print Format (WxH) 510 mm by 360 mm
Gripper margin 9 mm
Imaging System:
Imaging heads: 2 (TWO)
Imaging Resolution: 100 dots/mm (2540 dots/inch)
Imaging time: 4 min 20 sec at 18,000 RPH
Number of diodes: 10 per head
Spot Size: 16 microns
Plate Material: Profire Digital Media
Plates/roll: 45 full out 4 colour jobs
Plate Width: 525 mm
Plate thickness: 0.18 mm
Roll weight: 4.1 kg
Plate advance: Auto plate advance mechanism
Plate Saver: New Version 2 (Standard)
Type: Rotary Stream feeder
Feeder Board: Suction Motorized Height Adjustment
Double sheet Detector: Mechanical & Electrical
Register: Air pull side guide
Infeed: Underswing gripper paper feed drum
Pile Height: 500 mm
Pre-pile device: Standard
Delivery Systems:
Pile Height: 400 mm Motorised Height Adjustment
IR Dryer: Standard
Powder System: Weko High Grade Powder System
Sheet Decurling: Standard
Europe Eastern
Current State:
In production
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