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Ryobi 784E XL UV LED | 2010 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED
Image1 Pic1 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED
Image2 Pic2 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED
Image3 Pic3 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED
Image4 Pic4 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED
Image5 Pic5 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED
Image6 Pic6 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED

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Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 70077 | Last updated: 27-06-2020
Viewed: 715 times
Enquiry's: 18
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Age: 2010
Max.Size: 78 x 60 cm (30 x 23 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 4
Impress.Count: 107 mio
Extras: | Autoplate | Touch-screen Control | Autosize
Dealer Ref.No: 10990
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Technical Description:

Double Sheet Control - electronic
Antistatic Device on Feeder & Delivery
Manuel Paper Size Adjustment (Feeder & Delivery)
Automatic Paper Thickness Adjustment
Automatic Blanket Washing Device
Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device
RPC Semi Automatic Plate Change
RYOBI PCS-K Printing Control System with Touch-Screen Monitor: paper changing, cleaning, printing settings, registration, color adjustment, water control, and other operations
Grafix Digitronic Plus: Powder Sprayer
Grafix Digitronic: Powder Sprayer
RYOBImatic D Continuous Dampening System
PDS-E: Print Density Control
Combi Roller in all Printing Units
AMS LED UV Dryer (Delivery)
AMS LED UV in Year 2016
AMS LED UV DRYER TYP: XP9-LED-390-814 with SC Control (12W Class LED)
Length: 390 nm( /- 10nm
Total UV capacity: 5.8 kW, 71 W/cm
Cooling Device: Boe-Therm (AMS LED)


Technical Details:
Number of Printing Units : 4 Units
Number of Coating Units : 0 Coating Unit
Largest Sheet Size X : 788 mm
Largest Sheet Size Y : 600 mm
Min. Sheet Size X : 279 mm
Min. Sheet Size Y : 200 mm
Largest Print Format (X) : 765 mm
Largest Print Format (Y) : 580 mm
Max. Paper Strength : 0,6 mm
Min. Paper Strength : 0,04 mm
Printing Plate Size : 745 x 635 mm
Blanket Size : 791 x 665 x 1,95 mm
Technical data can vary according to job, consumables, printing stock and, possible, other factors
Located: Europe Central
Current State: In production
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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Picture1 Ryobi 784E XL UV LED
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