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Rietstack IRS 330 | 2002 Used Machine for sale

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Label-Printing machine
PD Ref: 68325 | Last updated: 05-07-2019
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Age: 2002
Max.Size: 75 x 33 cm (29 x 12 inch)
Current State: In production
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Technical Description:

We are pleased to offer,

IRS 330
The IRS stand-alone converting machine is equipped for the
production of label stacks in various materials like IML, paper,
carton, film etc. from a pre-printed reel. Next, to that the IRS is
designed to produce small reels from a pre-printed mother reel by
means of longitudinal cutting of self-adhesives, foil- and paper
Thanks to the servo driven die-cutting station and a special control
system the machine is able to provide an in register die cut
IRS330 machine with a die-cutting unit and non-stop
Technical data
Maximum web width: 330 mm
Maximum mechanical speed for IRS330: Up to 200
(used as rewinding machine - without stacker unit): m/min
Maximum mechanical speed during in-register dies cutting process for stable materials: 100/min
Maximum unwind diameter: 750 mm
Electric power supply: 3x400V
Compressed air (dry, without oil) 6 bar m3/h
Machine dimension
Length: 4360
Width: 1580

Pneumatic unwind spindle, cantilever type 76 mm
De-curl-bar-unit with roller
Web guide BST Splice table with 2 pneumatic clamps
Matrix rewind spindle is driven by a servo drive
Maximum rewind diameter-matrix 500 mm
Rewind spindle-diameter 76 mm
Flag detector Czujnik flag
Crus cut unit with 2 razor blades
Pneumatic NIP roller device
Matrix nip roller unit
Dancer roller for tension matrix
Material support plate equipped with anti-static bars (total in the machine 3 PCs)

Die cutting station (including matrix rewinder)
330 mm 96 T-192T
Maximum working width of a magnetic cylinder (Flexor type) 330 mm 96 T-192T

Die-cutting cylinder driven by a servo drive
Modified pressure bridge allowing to lift the magnetic die cylinder without hoist to mount the magnetic die plate.

Control system for off-line in register die cutting
Do 100 m/min
Maximum machine speed during in-register die-cutting
process for stable materials 100 m/min

Hydraulic pressure read out - 2 clocks

Vacuum belt

Control panel on movable arm equipped with:
Micro-processor control system
Electronic counter (labels/meters)
Precise adjustment of rewind and unwind web tension
Electronic correction of web tension on unwind
Automatic stop at roll end

Rewind unit equipped with
1 pneumatic rewind spindle r (servo driven) 76 mm
Maximum rewind diameter /440 mm
Lay on roller
Simple change of winding direction
Simple change of spindle diameter

2 rewind shaft with pneumatic spindle diameter
serwo driven 76mm
Maximum rewind diameter (for 2 spindles) 310mm
Simple change of winding direction
Simple change of spindle diameter

Counting photo cell
Non-stop Stacker unit
To produce automatically ready stacks with a max. height of
150mm. The ready stacks are delivered by means of a
Pushing system.
The restriction is a min. label size of 7cm.
For smaller labels, 3,5cm – 7cm, the stack has to be taken
out by the 45° pins manually.
Max. Label size depending on working width of magnetic
Stack Unit for 4 streams (max)

Delivery conveyor stacker non -stop see the drawing
Delivery conveyor table, including vacuum-belt (12) and
Vacuum-pump (max. 4 streams across)

Conveyor motor
Stop wheels
Vacuum motor
Separation O-belts
Stack table motor
Automatic out-feed pusher
Stack table
Transport belts
Collection table for take off –the stacks
Shear cutting unit with 3 knives
Control panel for stacker Panel
Antistatic bars (total in the machine 3 PCs)
Power unit for antistatic bars
Machine is in production
Located in England
Located: Europe Western
Current State: In production
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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