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Shiki FX-1512 | 2007 Used Machine for sale

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Label-Printing machine
PD Ref: 60931 | Last updated: 26-06-2018
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Latest Request for this machine was from India.

Age: 2007
Max.Size: 390 x 305 cm (153 x 120 inch)
Current State: In production
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Technical Description:

Main Printing Machine SHIKI FX-1512 (SEMI ROTARY):

Max Printing Width 345 mm
Max Printing Length 320 mm

- 9 Color Base Frame;
- 6 Offset Priting Units including Manual Twist device, USHIO BRAND 6.4 KW UV dryer system equiped with all elecetronic devices;
- 1 Unwinder (Model: SUA) with loop and dust pick up rollers;
- 2 Flexo Units with USHIO BRAND UV dryer System 6.4 KW including separate pumping units;
- 4 Anilox rollers for flexo units 3,5,8 and 34,5 g/m2;
- 1 Semi Rotary die cutting unit with magnetic cylinder Z195;
- 1 Automatic control system for monitoring print register;
- 1 Royse water/alcohol dampening unit;
- 2 Transformers for SHIKI FX1512 and UV drying system;
- 1 Rewinder Model: NRS with loop, matrix waste roller and slitting;
- 12 "P" Chases for 0.3 mm PS plates;
- 12 "B" Chases for 1.7 mm self adhessive blankets;
- 6 "TT" Chases for 0.95 mm letterpess plates;
- 4 "F" Chases for 1.7 mm flexo plates;
- 1 Plate setting tool;
- 1 Plate punching tool;
- 6 Printing rollers for units (set);
- 1 Spare printing rollers for units (set);
- 1 Instruction, manual and spare parts list;
- 6 Wash Up trays for print units;
- 1 Trolley for pick up the materials;
- 6 Computerized rillers cleaning system for units;
- 1 Auto water spayer for printing units.
Located: Europe Western
Current State: In production
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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Picture1 Shiki FX-1512
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