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Man-Roland 308 H- P | 1999 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Man-Roland 308 H- P
Image1 Pic1 Man-Roland 308 H- P
Image1 Man-Roland 308 H- P
Image2 Man-Roland 308 H- P
Image3 Man-Roland 308 H- P
Image4 Man-Roland 308 H- P
Image5 Man-Roland 308 H- P
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Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 59063 | Last updated: 05-04-2019
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Enquiry's: 12
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Age: 1999
Max.Size: 74 x 52 cm (29 x 20 inch)
Current State: In stock
Colors: 8
Impress.Count: 169 mio
Extras: | Autoplate | Perfector | Ink Remote Control | Dryer
Dealer Ref.No: D.1101337
Technical Description:

MAN Roland 308 HOB P,
8-Colour, 4/4 – 8/0,
SIZE: 530 x 740 mm
Age 1999, installed in 2000
Imp ca. 169 mill.

CCI Multi control desk<>CPL plate change<>Deltamatic film dampening<>Technotrans Alpha t.120 I nk roller temperature control unit<>Technotrans FK-C 6000 L water dampening-cooling unit<>Unisensor Alcoprint 2000 alcohol stabilizer<>Weko AP 262 powder sprayer<>Automatic washers<>steelplates in feeder / delivery<>Vogel central oiling system<>Beil plate punch<>FIAC Rotary Screw Air compressor TKI 7,5/300-DK 10 / AC, age 2004<>complete instruction manuals, electric diagrams<>set of spare parts (eg. pcbs, pneumatic cylinders etc.)
Available: Immediately

Price.on Request.?
Europe Western
Current State:
In stock
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