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Muller Martini FK IV | 1970 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Muller Martini FK IV
Image1 Pic1 Muller Martini FK IV
Image2 Pic2 Muller Martini FK IV
Image3 Pic3 Muller Martini FK IV
Image4 Pic4 Muller Martini FK IV
Image5 Pic5 Muller Martini FK IV
Image6 Pic6 Muller Martini FK IV
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Sewing machine
PD Ref: 56290 | Last updated: 06-02-2018
Viewed: 1351 times
Enquiry's: 6
Latest Enquiry for this machine was from Italia.

Age: 1970
Max.Size: 25 x 6 cm (9 x 2 inch)
Current State: In stock
Dealer Ref.No: 318417
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Technical Description:

for ordinary stitch and staggered stitch, hand feed <> mechanical speed up to 85 signatures/minute <> number of stitches : 1-8 <> number of tapes : 1-4 <> book's height : 9 to 35 cm <> book's width : 6 to 25 cm <> power : 1/4CV <> weight : 405 kg <> space floor : 125x110 cm
Located: Europe Western
Current State: In stock
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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Picture1 Muller Martini FK IV
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