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Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S) | 2014 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S)
Image1 Pic1 Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S)
Image2 Pic2 Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S)
Image3 Pic3 Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S)
Image4 Pic4 Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S)
Image5 Pic5 Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S)
Image6 Pic6 Ryobi 758 GP-Aa4 (S)

Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 55289 | Last updated: 04-01-2018
Viewed: 1855 times
Enquiry's: 28
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Age: 2014
Max.Size: 78 x 60 cm (30 x 23 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 8
Impress.Count: 27 mio
Extras: | Autoplate | Perfector | Ink Remote Control | Autosize | CIP
Dealer Ref.No:
Technical Description:

excellent condition, full service history

standard speed 8.500-10.000 sheets / hour
paper thickness : 0.04 ~ 0.6 mm

option equipment :
RYOBI Fully Automatic Plate Changer (Full-RPC)
Printing Density Control System RYOBI PDS-E Spectro drive
Paper Size Preset System
Impression Pressure Preset System
(includes program-controlled impression cylinder cleaning function
Ink Roller Temperature Control System
Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaning Device
Nonstop Feeder
Automatic Dampening Solution Supply Device
(includes automatic alchohol / etching solution supply device)
Intermediate Tank for Dampening Solution Cooling / Circulation
RYOBI-matic-D Continuous Dampening System with Hickey
Removing Function
Ink Oscillating Form Roller
Ink Volume Setter -CIP4 (PPF) Software

standart equipment :

RYOBI PCS-G Printing Control System
(includes network kit for Ink Volume Setter)
RYOBI Program Inking (built-in with the PCS-G)
Pull Side Guide Preset System
RYOBI-matic Continuous Dampening System
Dampening Solution Cooling / Circulation System
Plate Register Remote Control Device (vertical, lateral,
Automatic Blanket Cleaning Device
Static Eliminator (blower type at the feeder side)
Suction Tape Feeder Board
Pull Side Guide Suction Wheel
Side Lay Sensor
Front Lay Blower
Double Sheet Detector (mechanical)
Ultrasonic Type Double Sheet Detector
Slewed Paper Detector
Paper Transfer Jam Detector
Delivery Jam Detector
Preset Repeat Counter with Batch Function (electronic, 5-digit)
Print Counter (total number of printed sheets, non-resettable)
Machine Counter (total number of machine rotations, nonresettable)
OK Monitor
Powder Spray Device
Delivery Decuring device
Nonstop Delivery Racking System
Hickey Picker
Oscillating Bridge Roller
Movable Type Paper Guide
Europe Central
Current State:
In production
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