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KBA Rapida 105-6-L | 2010 Used Machine for sale

#Best Deal: Very good condition
New Price: On Request

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Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 47595 | Last updated: 27-09-2017
Viewed: 1559 times
Requests: 36
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Latest Request for this machine was from Azerbaijan.

Age: 2010
Max.Size: 105 x 74 cm (41 x 29 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 6
Impress.Count: 140 mio
Extras: | Ink Remote Control | Touch-screen Control | Coater | Dryer | CIP
Dealer Ref.No:
Technical Description:

G7 Press Print for the 2010 Rapida 105 6 L
Drive Tronic Feeder
Pneumatic Side Guides
Capacitive double-sheet detector
Printing/Inking Units
Colotronic ink fountain with 35 Ink keys, each 30mm wide
Semi Automatic Plate Change for Coater with Pin Register Clamps
Washing System
Baldwin Blanket & Roller Wash, Cooling Systems, Single Zone Technotrans Combl-cooling Unit with External Condenser, Coating
Tower Coater – H&B Anllox Chamber ( incl 2 Anilox Rollers-), Coating / Dampening , Varidamp Continuous – Feed Damping System
Grafix Megatronic Spray System, Automatic Descending Non-stop Delivery, 8’ Delivery Ext., Drying System, VariDry IR/HA- for 8’ Delivery Ext.
Special Features / Packages
Pneumatic Plate Bending Device, Colotronic – Closed Loop Densitometer, Logo Tronic (CIP3 CTP)
Additional Items
Harris and Bruno Varnish Supply and Cleaning System
America North
Current State:
In production
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