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Presstek 34 DI X | 2007 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Presstek 34 DI X
Image1 Pic1 Presstek 34 DI X
Image2 Pic2 Presstek 34 DI X
Image3 Pic3 Presstek 34 DI X
Image4 Pic4 Presstek 34 DI X
Image5 Pic5 Presstek 34 DI X
Image6 Pic6 Presstek 34 DI X

Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Digital offset machine

PD Ref: 43985 | Last updated: 08-04-2019
Viewed: 3776 times
Enquiry's: 60
Latest Enquiry for this machine was from
Papua New Guinea.

Age: 2007
Max.Size: 46 x 33 cm (18 x 12 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 4
Impress.Count: 52 mio
Extras: | Autoplate | Autosize
Dealer Ref.No: DPF007
Technical Description:

Superb machine. In production can be seen printing on customer site.We deliver worldwide. Installation and training can also be provided if required.
Europe Western
Current State:
In production
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