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Multilith 1250 CD | 2012 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Multilith 1250 CD
Image1 Pic1 Multilith 1250 CD
Image1 Multilith 1250 CD
Image2 Multilith 1250 CD
Image3 Multilith 1250 CD
Image4 Multilith 1250 CD
Image5 Multilith 1250 CD

Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 03808 | Last updated: 11-11-2011
Viewed: 3255 times
Machine hits Requests: 2

Age: 2012
Max.Size: 15 x 10 cm (5 x 3 inch)
Current State: In stock
Colors: 2
Impress.Count: No counter
Dealer Ref.No: 1002
Technical Description:

this machine is rebuilt like new, it comes with lots of spare parts

If you would like to make me an offer, please contact me
Europe Western
Current State:
In stock
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