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MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs | 2012 Used Machine for sale

Image1 MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs
MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs Pic 1
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Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Die Cutting machine
PD Ref: 119578 | Last update: 01-05-2024
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Age: 2012
Max.Size: 106 x 76 cm (41 x 29 inch)
Current State: In stock
Dealer Ref.No: 20120308037
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Technical Description:

MK1060ERs, now gives preferential prices for rapid sales. Only 50,000 euros EX Work, located in Canada.
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Standard Devices and Components
1. Non-stop feeder
-- Stream-wise feeding system with the highest speed of 125 sheets per minute
-- Paper speed slow-down at its arrival at front guides
-- Height and angle of suction cups are easily adjustable to accommodate the paper condition
-- Suction barrels and dividers are with ultra hard coat finish
-- 3 anti-crash devices for the protection of the suction head due to over-ascending of the feeder pile
-- Manual adjustment of the transversal position of the feeder pile table
-- 4 liftings and 5 forwarding suction cups
-- Lateral blowing system enhancing paper separation
-- Precision electronic-mechanical double sheet detector
-- Easy changeover of pull and push side guides simply by turning a bolt without the need to remove and replace the complete side guide.
-- Side and front guides with photocells
-- Single position engagement electromagnetic clutch ensures the first sheet after every re-start of the machine is always fed to front lays for easy, time-saving, and material-saving makeready
-- Photo-electric detector with automatic stop system on feeding table in case of paper jam
-- Separate drive controls of the feeding unit and the main machine for easy makeready
-- PLC and electronic cam for timing control
-- I set of steel paper support rods for non-stop feeding
-- 4 sets each of brush roller assembles for cardboard and paper on the feed table
-- 10 sets of Nylon roller assembly for paper hold-down on the feed table
2 sets of press-down steel ball assembly on the feed table
-- Steel rack for pre-piling of paper stock
-- Becker vacuum pump

2. Platen Press
-- Micro adjustment of cutting force by worm gear driven by servo motor
-- Crankshaft made of 40Cr steel
-- Machine frames, upper and lower platens made of QT60 ductile iron with resin-coated sand with Meehanite Die Cast Iron Technology, with weathering and twice heat treatments
-- Accurate positioning of Cutting chase controlled by precision photocell sensors
-- Cutting chase turn-over device
-- Air cooling system for gearbox lubrication oil
-- Overload protection device with torque limiter for the highest safety of operator and equipment
-- Gripper bars made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy with ultra-hard coat and anodized finish
-- Ultra-low stretch and friction gripper chain made in England
-- Patented device for quick compensation of gripper chain elongation
-- Brake system of main drive motor with pneumatic clutch for
-- 23.5mm support plate for cutting plates made of ultra-durable engineering plastic. The Position of the support plate in the machine and transversal directions is micro-adjustable.
-- 3.0mm 1.2mm Cutting plates
-- Pneumatic lock-up and release of cutting chase
-- Electronic detector detecting sheet breakage of all sheet size convertible by the machine
-- Two universal cutting chase with quick-lock device
3. Triple Action Stripping Device
-- Driving system for upper stripping frame, stripping board, and lower stripping frame
-- Upper stripping frame with pneumatic lifting device
-- Upper stripping frame with pneumatic quick-lock device
-- Stripping board with quick-lock device
-- Position of stripping frames and stripping board is micro-adjustable with digital display
-- Aluminum alloy upper stripping frame x 2 sets
-- Aluminum alloy lower stripping frame x 2 sets
4. Blanking Device
-- Driving system for upper blanking tool
-- Pneumatic lifting device for upper blanking tool
-- Upper blanking tool with quick-lock device
-- Blanking tools with micro adjustment and digital display
-- Delivery system for die-cut sheets without blanking
-- Non-stop stacker for die cut blank with counter and inserter of full non-die cut sheet
5. Delivery Unit
-- Non-stop delivery system.
-- Photo-electric devices control delivery pile height
-- Brake brush for sheets discharge from gripper bar
-- Steel rack for non-stop delivery
6. Mechanical, Electric, and Safety Devices
-- Mitsubishi PLC monitoring and self-diagnostic system with 10.4” and 5.7” touchscreen
-- Omron Electronic cam and index device
-- Becker (Germany) pneumatic pump
-- SKF bearings
-- Easily accessible emergency stop switches on the entire machine
-- All electronic and electrical parts are CE-approved
-- Overload protector for the safety of operator and equipment
-- Security covers for live parts are CE-approved
-- All electrical design, wiring, and controls meet CE safety standards.
7. Automatic Lubrication and Cooling System
-- Centralized automatic lubrication for the entire machine with automatic oil pump and
distribution system
-- Air cooling system for lubrication oil of crankshaft
-- Automatic lubrication system with preset timer for gripper chains
8. Quality Approval
-- All electronic and electrical parts are CE or UL-approved
-- The entire machine is inspected and approved by TUV as complying with CE standard
Located: America North
Current State: In stock
Available: 05-2024
Price: Registerregtosee
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MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs Pic 1
MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs Pic 2
MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs Pic 3
MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs Pic 4
MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs Pic 5
MK Masterwork MK 1060 ERs Pic 6
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