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Duplo DC 616 Pro | 2018 Used Machine for sale

Image1 Duplo DC 616 Pro
Duplo DC 616 Pro Pic 1
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Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Booklet-Making machine
PD Ref: 119307 | Last update: 24-04-2024
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Age: 2018
Max.Size: 52 x 0 cm (20 x 0 inch)
Current State: In stock
Dealer Ref.No: 3720
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Technical Description:

Year: 2018
Condition: excellent 100%

Counter approx. 50,000 sheets.

* CCD camera
* 6 rotary knives
* bigging unit
* perforation unit
* option for 650 mm formats
* SW jobcreator PC

The Duplo DC-616 PRO is the ideal solution for small series production. Eliminates white edges and prevents toner cracking
digitally printed color documents. This device can create up to 6 melts, 25 cuts and 20 bigs per pass
and thus increases the efficiency and automation of finishing equipment. It offers fully automatic setup, fast transitions and
a wide range of applications - greeting cards, invitations, brochures, book covers, photos, and business cards without the necessary additional
The DC-616 PRO comes standard with PC Controller software for easy job setup using a PC and a CCD sensor that
it will allow you to recall any work settings stored in the device memory by reading the printed barcode. The DC-616 PRO is
also supplied with a perforation unit that includes two manually adjustable perforation tools for longitudinal perforation
sheet length.

Loader capacity - 100 mm
Paper weight - 110-350 g/m2
Min. paper format - 210 mm x 210 mm
Minimum output format - 50 x 48 mm
Max. paper size - 325mm x 460mm (650mm option)
Speed - 4 - 9 sheets/min depending on the cut application
Type of loading - automatic vacuum belt
Longitudinal cuts - up to 6 /sheet (rotary knives)
Cross cuts - up to 25 /sheet (knife)
Bigy - up to 20 /sheet (3 setting levels)
longitudinal cuts - 5 - 15 mm
cross-sections - 3 mm
Min. distance of the 1st cut from the edge of the sheet - 3.2 mm
Min. distance of the last cut from the edge - 5 mm
Side cut max. - 3.2 – 55 mm
Located: Europe Western
Current State: In stock
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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Duplo DC 616 Pro Pic 1
Duplo DC 616 Pro Pic 2
Duplo DC 616 Pro Pic 3
Duplo DC 616 Pro Pic 4
Duplo DC 616 Pro Pic 5
Duplo DC 616 Pro Pic 6
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