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Heidelberg XL 105-5 LX | 2005 Used Machine for sale

Image1 Heidelberg XL 105-5 LX
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Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 118745 | Last update: 07-04-2024
Viewed: 275 times
Enquiry's: 29
Latest Enquiry for this machine was from
United Arab Emirates.

Age: 2005
Max.Size: 105 x 75 cm (41 x 29 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 5
Impress.Count: No counter
Extras: | Autoplate | Ink Remote Control | Touch-screen Control | Coater | Autosize | Dryer
Dealer Ref.No:

Technical Description:


Heidelberg XL105-5 LX
Year: 2005
Foemat: 75 X 105 cm
5 Colors Caoter
CP 2000 console touch screen,
CP 2000 Master Level
CP 2000 Instant Gate
Image Control
axial, circumferential and diagonal register remote control,
ink ductors rotation control, job memorization,
Preset Plus Feeder
Preset Plus Delivery
Autoplate advance
Head feeder 3 more suctions for paper transport,
Ultrasonic sensor double-sheet control before front registers,
Front sensor on flap of the feeder,
Suction belt feeder with 3 sections of transport of sheets to the frontal registers,
Pneumatic side register control with integrated auto cleaning and double sheet control with direct system,
Slow down : system to slow the sheet down then 65% on feeder,
Double sheet detector -
pulling device,
StaticStar Compact : No. 2 Eltex ion blowers on feeder, antistatic bars on feeder and delivery, Ultrasonic double-sheet control,
Multiple-sheet detector/ tear-off,
Multiple sheet control/Forwarding roller
Non-Stop on Feeder,
Hycolor damping with VarioSystem,
Air transfer system,
Automatic roller wash-up device,
Automatic impressions and blanket cylinders wash-up device with cloths
CombiStar CAN : Technotrans ink temp control combined with damping refrigeration Alcosmart,
Varnishing unit, with cooking register,
Tresu chambered doctor blade system,
with anilox roller,
LWE roller storage coating unit facility,
aereodinamic grippers system,
slow down system by CP 2000,
panel in delivery,
DryStar 3000 Combination 3 slide-in dryers
CanOpen : no. 1 dryer slide-in unit IR/HA air knives
ScrollStar : Atlas Copco compressor
AirStar Pro : central air box air cooled
Intercom : Microphone communication system
Powder Spray
Extended Delivery
Speed 15000 s/h
No Damage cylinders
available Immediately
Far East
Current State:
In production
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