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Polar RA 2 | 2010 Used Machine for sale

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Jogging machine
PD Ref: 118702 | Last update: 05-04-2024
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Age: 2010
Max.Size: 87 x 72 cm (34 x 28 inch)
Current State: In stock
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Technical Description:


Polar RA-2 jogger

Automatic flap left and right
air removal roller

Machine in very good condition.

The automatic POLAR jogger RA-2 is predominantly used for
the half-size format. The automatic jogger prepares new
material off the cutting machine. This ensures that cutting is
continued while new material is prepared and the cutting
machine output is considerably increased. The precise
alignment of the material to be cut, and the resulting
improved cutting accuracy lays the foundations of a uniform
and high quality of the final product. The air removal
feature improves the formation of blocks from the reams to
be cut and reduces the production risks once more.
Europe Western
Current State:
In stock
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