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Screen PT-R 4300 | 2005 Used Machine for sale

Image Screen PT-R 4300
Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
CTP Computer to plate machine
PD Ref: 112727 | Last update: 19-09-2023
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Age: 2005
Max.Size: 83 x 66 cm (32 x 25 inch)
Current State: In stock
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Technical Description:


CTP Screen PT-R 4300 Built in 2005
maximum plate size of 830 x 660 mm (32.6" x 25.9"), and are also capable of supporting some of the smaller 2-page presses
with a minimum plate size of 324 x 370 mm (12.8" x 14.6")*.
SAL Autoloader, Bacher punch for SM 52 SM 74
On-line processor, kodak
32 diodes to expose thermal metal plates
approx. 100.000 plates exposed,
up to 21 plates/h
Rampage-RIP v.13.xx incl. PC-workstation
conveyor and plate stacker

There is a video that can be sent by WhatsApp
Important : The machine has been imported from Europe (Germany ) and still in our warehouse. So never used here
Middle East
Current State:
In stock
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