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Man-Roland 708 3B P DD | 2009 Used Machine for sale

Pic 1 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD
Image1 Pic1 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD
Image2 Pic2 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD
Image3 Pic3 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD
Image1 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD
Image2 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD
Image3 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD

Used Printing Machines and Equipment:
Sheetfed offset machine

PD Ref: 111246 | Last update: 27-09-2023
Viewed: 781 times
Enquiry's: 6
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Age: 2009
Max.Size: 104 x 74 cm (40 x 29 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 8
Impress.Count: 240 mio
Extras: | Autoplate | Perfector | Ink Remote Control | Autosize | CIP
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Technical Description:

Important: Direct Drive series 420
Man Roland R708 3B-P Direct Drive series 420,2009
240 mil. imp.
Equipped With:-
Direct Drive- All units de-clutching
CCI with colour measuring Multi CCI2D
Press Pilot
Fully simultaneous plate change
Roland Deltamatic dampening
Programmable blanket/roller/imp. cylinder wash
Technotrans Beta C combined refrig/ink temp control ( Air Cooled)
Alcosmart AZR
Technotrans Beta F water filtration
Steel plate in Feeder and Delivery
Becker Vari Air system
Kerstn Ionised blast in feeder
Quick Start
Grafix Megatronic cantronic 3000 Powder Spray
Grafix powder spray removal
Select air Compressor
Located: Europe Central
Current State: In production
Available: Immediately
Price: Registerregtosee
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Picture1 Man-Roland 708 3B P DD
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