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W and H 2170 Tuber and 2366 Bottomer | 1994 Used Machine for sale

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Paper Bag machine
PD Ref: 108703 | Last update: 28-04-2023
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Age: 1994
Max.Size: 90 x 60 cm (35 x 23 inch)
Current State: In production
Dealer Ref.No: Opl 2023
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Technical Description:

Important: Complete operating line, Tuber, Bottomer, Arcomat, In-line Printer and interconnecting conveyors
Tuber 2170 #27077 (1977)
Bottomer 2366 NC #39699 (1994)
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Styles and range of bags sizes currently manufactured on Tuber / Bottomer
VPE – Valve Pasted End
OMPE – Open Mouth Pasted End
Length range – 285 to 900 mm
Width range – 285 to 600 mm
Bottom range – 70 to 165 mm

1.Tuber 2170 #27077 (1977)
• Four reel stands (one can be used for poly film)
• Poly Film Laminator
• Anti-skid unit
• Inline 4 Colour Oji printer with print capability 500mm – 1100mm
o Complete rewire with new PLC control – Siemens S7 - 1200
o New safety guarding installed with new safety equipment to CAT3 i.e. emergency stop actuator and lanyards
• Tuber cut range 500mm to 1100mm
• MD tensioner for film
• Overhead conveyor from tuber to bottomer with tube storage capacity
• Safe speed systems installed, restricting machine speed until all safety requirements have satisfied – Beckoff EK1960
• Additional emergency stop actuators installed around the tuber equipment
• Trans System A conveyor
o Interlocked safety door control for tilt conveyor
• All conveying systems and guarding

2. Bottomer 2366 NC #39699 (1994)
• Servo controls installed for size adjustments
• Two (2) valve units for up to four (4) piece valves types
• Spare forming guides for operator and drive sides
• Loading arm control systems rewired with new PLC – Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix L435
• Additional emergency stop actuators installed around the bottomer
• All conveying systems and guarding

3. Arcomat Palletiser Cell 9351 #38 466 (1992)
Along with the above W&H equipment, a complete Arcomat palletiser cell is also on offer. This robot has been used at the end of the Bottomer for stacking of finished sacks on a pallet.
• Arcomat software upgrade to Arcomat 3 for programable stacking patterns
• All conveying systems and guarding

4. Windmöller & Hölscher Flexographic Printer QMS 991 20111 3536
Along with the above W&H equipment, an offline four (4) colour flexographic printer is also on offer
• Four (4) colour capability
• Siemens Simatic HMI control
Located: Australia-Oceania
Current State: In production
Available: 08-2023
Price: Registerregtosee
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Picture1 W and H 2170 Tuber and 2366 Bottomer
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