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Bobst SP 104 ER | 1998 zu verkaufen

Pic 1 Bobst SP 104 ER
Image1 Pic1 Bobst SP 104 ER
Image2 Pic2 Bobst SP 104 ER
Image3 Pic3 Bobst SP 104 ER
Image1 Bobst SP 104 ER
Image2 Bobst SP 104 ER
Image3 Bobst SP 104 ER
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Stanzen maschine
PD Ref: 104770 | Zuletzt aktualisert: 22-11-2022
Viewed: 524 times
Enquiry's: 9
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United Kingdom.

Alter: 1998
Max.Größe: 104 x 74 cm (40 x 29 inch)
Aktueller Zustand: Under power
Dealer Ref.No.:

1998 Bobst SP 104 ER Blanker.
28,237 running hours.
2 Cube Controls.
Non Stop Feeder.
Motorized Suction Head.
OS and OOS Side Guide.
Slow Down Device.
Small Sheet Attachment.
3 Quicklock Cutting Chases.
Micro Adjustment for 1mm Plates.
1 Compensating Plate for 1mm Plates.
3 Full Cutting Plates.
2 Upper Stripping Frames.
2 Lower Stripping Frames.
1 Central Stripping Pull Out Frame.
Bernoulli at Platen Outlet.
Light Paper Device at Platen Outlet.
2 Upper Blanking Frames.
3 Lower Blanking Frames.
4 Lower Universal Blanking Frames.
Gripper Openers for Delivering Full Sheet Within Lower Blanking Frame.
Various Joggers and Supports for Lower Universal Frame.
Assortment of Pushers for Upper Universal Blanking.
11 Flip Top Non Stop Swords.
9 Conventional Non Stop Swords.
Easytransfer Device.
2 Wagons for Easytransfer Wagons.
Inventory of Equipment to be verified upon Inspection.
Machine Subject to Prior Sale.
Machine Subject to Prior Sale
Available immediately US.
Configuration and inventory of equipment to be verified upon inspection.
Phone. 914-837-4156
America North
Aktueller Zustand:
Under power
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